Myths versus Mistakes in Investing

  Riot of 
  Passive Muffs and Active Goofs 
 in Financial Markets 

The financial markets abound with beguiling myths and wanton mistakes. The two kinds of muffs – namely, fables and bungles – happen to be distinct as well as jumbled. Together the stumpers trip up all manner of players ranging from rank amateurs to badged professionals.

A myth is a false view of the marketplace while a mistake is a bum move that whops the investor. The former is a passive flub while the latter is an active goof.

The two kinds of spoilers can play out their roles in isolation or combination. As an example, a tall tale may bedevil an investor without giving rise to a costly mistake. By the same token, a bad move could arise in the absence of a sly myth. In other cases, the two modes of bungling work in concert to thwart the heedless actor, thus fouling their agenda even to the point of ruin.

From a larger stance, the immense complexity of the financial forum and the real economy crimps any effort to drum up a cogent program of investment. The players stuck in the mire run the gamut from wide-eyed greenhorns puttering around in their spare time to wizen veterans plying their trade the whole day long.

Whatever the scope of experience in the field, the bulk of participants fall prey to both types of muck-ups. As a countermove, the first task of the shrewd gamer is to recognize the plethora of stumbling blocks along with the nasty wounds they inflict. In breaking free of the minefield, a solid grasp of the myths and mistakes paves the way for building up a trenchant program of investment.

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