Top 11 Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Investors


Brainy Bots 
Boosting Returns and Shrinking Risks


Artificial intelligence is the ultimate tool for all investors ranging from novices to veterans. This report presents the top 11 roles for smart agents. The functions span the spectrum from market analysis, trend discovery, and asset appraisal to sentiment review, scenario scanning, and risk management. The examples deal mostly with applications in the stock market. However, the same concepts and methods apply to other asset classes ranging from bonds and options to commodities and realties.

A brainy bot can scour the real and financial markets to detect patterns, uncover trends, and extract useful insights. For this purpose, the agent may digest information in motley forms ranging from text and graphics to audio and video. The smartbot can summarize the contents for busy investors then devise deft strategies for boosting returns while pruning risks. In short, virtual agents act as friendly guides and tireless aides for savvy investors who want to expand their horizons and improve their performance in a complex and dynamic environment.



The full report is titled, “Top 11 Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Investors: Brainy Bots for Boosting Returns and Shrinking Risks”. The ebook is available in EPUB format at the Internet Archive. Meanwhile, an alternate form of the booklet appears in Kindle mode at Amazon

A digest of the report has been cast into a video under the title of “Top 11 Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Investors: From Vetting Stocks and Forecasting Trends to Boosting Gains and Cutting Risks”. While the main title is identical, the subtitle differs somewhat. The briefing is available at a couple of sites including Youtube and Linkedin. 🤖 

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Top Trends in Artificial Intelligence


Market Forecasting 
for Innovators and Investors 
till 2030 and Beyond


Artificial intelligence is reshaping the entire economy in areas ranging from farming and healthcare to leisure and artwork. The technology and its applications will continue to revamp one industry after another. As a result, the global economy should more than double by 2030. 

One payoff will be a bonanza for the fledgling ventures and established firms that embrace the technology with gusto. The payout is similar for the shrewd investors that bankroll the plucky entrepreneurs and feisty companies at the leading edge. On the glum side, though, legions of slick operators will hype up the gleaming prospects on the horizon to pump up tinsel outfits, thus wheedling billions of dollars from millions of gullible investors. Sadly, the bilkers and their backers will go bust in droves. 

To sum up, the ascent of artificial intelligence will unleash a renaissance in areas ranging from science and business to healthcare and culture. As the revolution unfolds, a core of tuned-in players who make the right moves will reap a cornucopia of rewards amid the greatest creation of wealth the world has ever seen.


The full report is titled “Top Trends in Artificial Intelligence”. The ebook is available at several sites on the Internet. For instance, the booklet may be downloaded in the handy EPUB format at Smashwords (however, the HTML version of the report – which was generated automatically for direct display on a browser – contains some minor flaws in formatting). Moreover, an alternative form of the ebook lies in the Kindle mode at Amazon

The report has also been recast into a video bearing the same title. The briefing is available at Youtube, Linkedin, or Internet Archive. 🤖 

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MintKit Growth Index – Final Report


A Lean Benchmark 
of the Stock Market
for Spry Growth 
at Modest Risk 


A pool of lively stocks based on equal weighting can beat the top benchmark of the bourse at modest risk over a representative window that covers a full cycle of boom and bust. Moreover, the setup requires a minim of time and effort; to wit, culling a dozen stocks or less in a single session lasting a couple of hours each year.

The lean strategy was tracked by the MintKit Growth Index (MGX). Since the streamlined method applies to portfolios both large and small, it befits a personal account as much as a large vessel such as a mutual fund or a pension fund. In particular, the lithe approach suits a busy investor who can devote only a dollop of time and effort to minding their portfolio.

The case study ran for half a decade starting in 2018. During this stretch, the representative window on the market spanned four years ending in 2021. Over that timespan, the sparky lodestar eclipsed the top benchmark of the bourse; namely, the S&P 500 Index (SPX). More precisely, the MGX gained 18.4% per year on average as opposed to 15.5% for the SPX over the same period.

In short, the study affirmed the merits of a combo of equal weighting, deft selection, and light handling of a lean portfolio. Simply put, a demure but mindful approach to tending spry stocks using equal weights can outpace the SPX. Moreover, the superior performance may be attained at modest risk by devoting only a couple of hours in a single session each year.



The full review is titled “MintKit Growth Index – Final Report”. The document may be downloaded in PDF mode at MintKit Gist or Internet Archive.

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