Myths versus Facts Behind Asset Diversification


Tesla Spotlights 
Pitfalls and Safeguards 
in Risk Management 


The goal of asset diversification lies in shrunken risk for equal gain. This precept, however, shrugs off a host of grave dangers in the real and financial markets. An example involves an investor who allots a uniform sum to the firms in a newborn industry. Unfortunately, the vast majority of hatchlings are doomed to perish within a few years if not months. 

Another instance of flawed diversity concerns an index fund trained on a dynamic market such as clean energy. The products at hand could range from solar cells and electric cars to motile batteries and basic materials. In that case, the stocks will likely be weighted by their valuations on the bourse. However, certain markets such as commodities should at length contract in a green and sustainable economy. Moreover, many a miner will be poorly placed to harness the uprise even in the odd niches that do grow in the interim. 

In these and other ways, a gung-ho approach to diverseness is fraught with perils. An exception to prove the rule concerns a bellwether named Tesla. The mass of investors treats the vanguard as little more than a carmaker. Yet, the beacon also leads the way in other areas such as charging stations and advanced batteries, self-driving software and power grids. Given this backdrop, the sage investor sidesteps the markets staked by Tesla and expands instead into remote fields that lie beyond the firebrand’s sights for the foreseeable future.

In the larger scheme of things, the foul-up of asset diversification is a rampant reason for the failure of investors and pundits alike to keep up with the benchmarks of the stock market. As an antidote, a solid grasp of the myths and mistakes is a basic step toward crafting a sound program of investment.



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