Outlook for Tesla

Prospects till Early 2021 and Beyond

Tesla makes waves in multiplex ways in the financial forum as well as the real economy. For instance, the carmaker has single-handedly created a mass market for electric vehicles. Moreover, the dynamo is now disrupting the marketplace for solar roofs, power packs, and other products bearing on clean energy. 

To set the backdrop, the trailblazer ran into a slew of roadblocks and sinkholes in the early stages. Despite the stumpers, though, the firebrand attained a respectable level of manufacturing savvy and financial stability by the end of the 2010s. In the process, the upstart confounded and humbled a multitude of skeptics. 

An ongoing example involves the corps of scoffers that sell short millions of shares of stock while presuming that the company will fail and the equity collapse. The spitfires betting against the firm lost $18 billion during the first half of 2020 alone. Some of the washouts threw in the towel while others chose to cling on and pray for redemption. Yet the peppy stock tramped higher, thus squeezing the shorts and pounding them even more. 

To be sure, the stock has to relax and unwind on occasion throughout its journey to lofty heights. At this stage, some of the vibrant prospects for the firm are already baked into the burly price of the stock. In the absence of a huge surprise, though, a hefty amount of growth still remains to be unleashed in the months and years to come. 

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