MintKit Growth Index

A Benchmark of the Stock Market
Sprightly Growth at Modest Risk

The ideal of investment lies in a robust strategy for high growth at low risk. Granted, a perfect solution could never emerge in an imperfect world such as ours. Even so, certain approaches toward the objective make more sense than others.

By received wisdom, the leading benchmarks of the stock market are cogent and meaningful portraits of the action on the bourse. Sadly, though, the reality differs greatly from the mirage.

For starters, the renowned indexes track the stocks in the prime of their lives rather than the entirety of their lifespans. In the process, the yardsticks gloss over the fact that death is the way of life for all companies along with their equities. The outcome is a grossly distorted picture of the payoff for the entire throng of shareholders over the long range.

Even in the near term, the traditional benchmarks have little or no bearing on the mass of participants. For instance, many an index monitors a group of stocks according to their market caps.

While this approach may befit a profile of the bourse as a whole over the short run, the unbalanced scheme has scant relevance to the thoughtful investor who is most unlikely to load up their portfolios according to the market caps of the stocks at hand.

For these and other reasons, the traditional benchmarks are unsuitable as beacons for the investing public. Instead, a worthwhile index should address the true concerns of serious investors in areas ranging from pertinent metrics to workable strategies.

An example of a fruitful scheme involves the equal weighting of stocks within a benchmark. The benefits lie in conceptual elegance as well as practical relevance for the participants. Another drawcard is the tendency of uniform weighting to deliver higher returns compared to the labored scheme based on market caps.

In seeking a trusty path, a basic step is to canvass the timeworn benchmarks in multiplex areas ranging from conceptual soundness and logical rigor to common sense and pragmatic import. The wholesome assay then leads to guidelines for designing trenchant beacons suited to investors in tending their private portfolios. The enhanced framework is showcased by the MintKit Growth Index: a model benchmark geared toward promising stocks poised for zesty growth at modest risk.

NOTE: The briefing is titled, “MintKit Growth Index”. The slide presentation may be viewed as a document in PDF form or a video in MP4 mode.

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