Top 5 Boosters for Tesla till 2025


Combo of 
Internal and External Forces 
Driving the Stock 


The top 5 reasons for Tesla to surge until 2025 include internal as well as external factors. The boosters range from supply chains and novel factories to government spurs and election patterns.

An example of an internal driver lies in manufacturing innovation, as in the case of a giant casting that replaces the entire rear underbody of a car comprising some 70 parts. Another sample concerns the ramp-up of fledgling factories in Germany and Texas, each of which will reach the first stage of mass production by early 2023 along with lush economies of scale.

Meanwhile, an external facet appears in a broad program of government incentives. Thanks to its talents in multiple fields, Tesla is uniquely placed to grasp the fresh opportunities in areas ranging from battery cells and electric cars to solar roofs and power systems. Another sample concerns the gradual easing of supply constraints in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The go-getter has largely cleared the bottlenecks even though the shortage of supplies continues to hamper many other firms round the world. 

In short, Tesla and its stock are poised to rocket higher over the next few years. Moreover, the prospects over the long range are so stellar as to challenge the limits of prescience and credence at this early stage.



The full report is titled “Top 5 Boosters for Tesla till 2025”. The ebook is available at a number of sites in cyberspace. For instance, the booklet may be downloaded in EPUB format at the Internet Archive; or in Kindle mode at Amazon.

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