The purpose of MintKit Hub is to serve as a general resource for growth in a global marketplace. To this end, the hub presents a gallery of promising trends and critical issues for investing in a creative economy.

The site offers a variety of materials that may serve as food for thought for current investors as well as prospective ones. In line with this role, the content is provided for the purpose of information and education.

Backing for the Site

This site may be supported by a variety of means in cooperation with external partners. The beneficial arrangements may range from financial sponsorship to advertising revenues and product sales.

An example of a collaborator is a publishing partner that provides a subscription to the contents via a wireless feed onto a proprietary reader for their customers. Another sample is a payment handler for the distribution of a book in digital form.

The affiliates of the hub are deemed to be reliable and aboveboard. On the other hand, even the most reputable entities may slip up and slide into substandard behavior on occasion. For this reason, neither MintKit nor anyone associated with this site is to assume responsibility for the conduct of external parties, whether in terms of their products, actions or policies.

In line with the general policy of sharing practical information, you are invited to provide feedback on your experiences with any of the external parties featured on this site. Whether your comments happen to be positive or negative, an impartial review of any kind should be helpful to the online community at large.

Use of Content

Another important issue concerns the way the contents of this site are used. A host of materials showcased here contain statements of opinion or prediction. An example of the former is the perceived utility of a tool for forecasting or investing. An instance of the latter is a prospective scenario for the growth of an economy or a bourse.

These and other observations are purely expressions of personal or private opinion. For this reason, the remarks should not be construed as suggestions or recommendations to a specific user for any particular purpose.

In fact, even the author of a given remark may or may not pursue a course of action which appears to be attractive by a number of yardsticks. The reasons for the decision, whether moving ahead or holding back, could stem from a combination of factors. The pertinent issues range from the breadth of personal interests and the availability of funds to the need for diversification and the impact on tax liabilities.

In a similar way, the users of this site – including remote viewers who access the contents via syndication feeds or other means – should not rely on the information here as the sole basis for decision making. In any domain, ranging from the choice of profession or clothing to a regimen of medication or exercise, a course of action that happens to be fitting for one individual could well be disastrous for someone else.

Moreover, a given tack is likely to vary in suitability over time even for a given individual. The proper choice at each stage will depend on a variety of factors such as financial resources, risk aversion, and planning horizon.

The lineup of personal circumstances is a crucial factor in picking out a financial vehicle or an investment strategy. For this reason, every investor – whether an individual or an organization – ought to consult with professional advisors before buying or selling any asset. To this end, a rounded team of counselors includes financial planners as well as tax specialists.

In the realm of investing, as in most areas of life, one size does not fit all. For this reason, any information gleaned from this site or anywhere else ought to be weighed and compared against a variety of independent sources while building up a cogent plan of investment.

Slippery Terrain

On the downside, the canyons of finance are rife with dodgy characters. The charlatans range from rustlers making sham claims to speculators taking loony risks with the money scrounged up from gullible investors.

For these reasons, the savvy investor has to retain a healthy air of skepticism at all times. To cite an example, even statistical facts can – and often are – subject to finagling and misrepresentation. For this reason, the issue of deceptive data lies squarely in the crosshairs of this site.

For instance, the average return for a class of investment funds might sound like a trusty result to the unwary investor. All too often, though, there are severe biases in the sample which serve to paint a thoroughly warped picture of the performance in the field along with the return on investment.

Put another way, even the so-called facts are not always what they seem to be. As a result, the investor has to watch out for hidden as well as obvious traps in the financial ring.

A prime function of this site is to reveal the true nature of the financial forum. To this end, a basic task is to expose the shady figures and shaky schemes that lie in wait for the investor in a hurry.

Loose Ties between the Past and Future

In building up an investment plan, the ultimate foundation for any model or technique is the historical record of the financial forum as well as the real economy. Sadly, though, the past is at best an imperfect guide to the future.

Admittedly, a particular event in the marketplace could influence a subsequent outturn. On the other hand, the former does not fully dictate the outcome of the latter. While certain events are more likely than others, nothing in life is certain.

The contents of this hub are based on information which appears to be reliable, along with conclusions which seem to be sensible. On the other hand, neither the publisher nor anyone else makes any warranties concerning the accuracy of the information nor the validity of the statements presented here.

For these reasons, you should regard any item of fact or opinion merely as a starting point for further investigation and consideration. Moreover, you should always keep in mind that any type of asset in the marketplace – ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and properties – can and will go down as well as up as time goes by.

Background for a Tailored Strategy

Due to the diversity of needs and goals, no single vehicle or strategy is suitable for all investors. Rather, a fitting program of investment for a particular person or organization depends on a raft of conditions. The items in the latter category span the gamut from prior experience and current resources to risk tolerance and long-run objectives.

For these reasons, the best course of action has to be tailored to the principal. Moreover, an apt program of investment is bound to evolve over time according to the changing profile of resources, responsibilities, age, and so on.

In line with the foregoing remarks, you should never jump to the conclusion that a given concept or technique mentioned at this site – or anywhere else – will be suitable for you. The information provided here is generic and does not purport to be useful for, or even applicable to, any person in particular.

Given the medley of caveats above, an individual or organization that opts to make use of any item at this site has to assume sole responsibility for the decision. Moreover, neither the publisher nor any of the affiliates will be a party to any disagreement or dispute regarding the use, or lack of use, of any resource presented at this site or in related media.


To sum up, the contents of this site are presented solely for the purpose of information and education. Any material displayed here should be viewed as a starting point for further probing, checking and mulling.

The best course of action for each investor depends on the specific set of circumstances ranging from resources to objectives. Moreover, the array of personal traits is bound to morph over time.

For these reasons, you should iron out a customized program of investment in consultation with professional advisors. The helpers in the latter category include financial planners, investment counselors, and tax experts.

The contents of this Web site should be useful as background material for the investor in dealing with specialists versed in finance, taxation, and other domains. The information provided here, however, is in no way meant to be a substitute for tailored advice from professional counselors who take into account the specific needs of the investor.

In short, the role of this site is to support a lucid program of investment strategy for the heedful user. Neither this hub nor any other resource should short-circuit the process of ironing out a thoughtful program of investment.

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