Top Index Funds for Biotech – IBB, PJP and XBI

 Performance Review 
 of the Best 3 Index Funds 

A performance review of the top index funds for the biotech industry paves the way for investing in one of the most dynamic branches of the stock market. For this purpose, a robust and convenient vehicle for investment lies in an exchange traded fund (ETF).

In order to obtain a balanced view of performance, the window of evaluation should cover a period in which the market has encountered a boom as well as a bust. On one hand, a longish span provides a wealth of data for a thorough survey of performance. On the other hand, the turnout in recent years is likely to be a better guide to the prospects going forward than the experience of the distant past. Given this backdrop, a window of three years seems like a fitting compromise between the contrasting issues of ample data versus high relevance.

From a different angle, a graphic display of the price history can provide an intuitive grasp of the index funds under consideration. The earnest investor has to consider the volatility of the vehicles during the window of evaluation in tandem with the overall payoff over the entire stretch.

Based on the capital gains over the course of three years, the best index funds in the biotech patch go by the ticker symbols of IBB, PJP and XBI. Each of these vehicles trounced the chief benchmark of the stock market – namely, SPY – by a huge margin.

NOTE: The full report is a document in PDF form. The publication, listed under the title of “Top 3 Index Funds for Biotech”, may be downloaded from the Library at MintKit Core.

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