Top Trends in Artificial Intelligence


Market Forecasting 
for Innovators and Investors 
till 2030 and Beyond


Artificial intelligence is reshaping the entire economy in areas ranging from farming and healthcare to leisure and artwork. The technology and its applications will continue to revamp one industry after another. As a result, the global economy should more than double by 2030. 

One payoff will be a bonanza for the fledgling ventures and established firms that embrace the technology with gusto. The payout is similar for the shrewd investors that bankroll the plucky entrepreneurs and feisty companies at the leading edge. On the glum side, though, legions of slick operators will hype up the gleaming prospects on the horizon to pump up tinsel outfits, thus wheedling billions of dollars from millions of gullible investors. Sadly, the bilkers and their backers will go bust in droves. 

To sum up, the ascent of artificial intelligence will unleash a renaissance in areas ranging from science and business to healthcare and culture. As the revolution unfolds, a core of tuned-in players who make the right moves will reap a cornucopia of rewards amid the greatest creation of wealth the world has ever seen.


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