Volatility Slams the Return on Index Funds

 The Return on Index Funds 
 Rises with the Aloofness of the Investor 
 and Falls with the Volatility of the Market 

A high level of volatility in the market prods investors into fiddling with their portfolios, thereby slashing the return on investment for index funds. By trading in and out of the stock market at precisely the wrong times, the fidgety players end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Over the long haul, the sprightly segments of the market are apt to outpace the other branches. The dynamic niches include bantam firms, technology ventures, and emerging regions. On the downside, though, the spry markets tend to be more roily than the rest.

Unfortunately, the investing public has a way of dashing in and out of the market at just the wrong moments. As a result, the punters give up a great deal of the gains on offer in the lusty domains. The higher the volatility, the greater in general is the lag of the investor behind the target index.

On the upside, though, there is a straightforward way for the mass of investors to boost their earnings by a significant amount. The gamers could enjoy a plump increase in profits if they would stop meddling with their portfolios and simply ignore the goings-on in the marketplace. Moreover, the benefits of a laissez-faire policy grows with the turbulence of the market, along with the flightiness of the corresponding index fund.

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