Real Estate as a Prime Investment

 Realty as a Cornerstone 
 of Investment Planning 

From a purely financial stance, the bulk of assets owned by the human population takes the form of real estate. The role of the housing sector as the mainstay of wealth stems from a bunch of factors.

To begin with, just about everyone wants to live in safe and comfy surroundings. For this reason, most people are willing to pay a hefty sum for a desirable abode. As a result, the cost of housing – whether the property happens to be rented or owned – usually takes up the biggest chunk of the household budget.

Another factor lies in the economics of ownership versus rental. Since the value of real estate tends to climb over time, the net worth of the owner rises. By contrast, the only impact on the renter is the privilege of shelling out more money to the landlord.

In many cases, the value of real estate tends to grow faster than the upturn in the average level of income throughout the population. The competition for the choicest locales heats up over time as the denizens have more money to spend.

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