Guide to Global Investing

Top Resources for Growth Markets

The markets of the world continue to merge into a single ball of complexity. The ties that bind stretch across national borders as well as asset classes. Amid the ferment, the opportunities in the marketplace can crop up in diverse forms in distant countries as well as nearby locales. The same is true of the threats, whether blatant or subtle, that lie in wait for the zealous investor in a hurry.

As an example, a crash of the stock market in the U.S. is sure to whomp the currencies in Asia as well as the commodities in Africa. Given the host of linkages amongst disparate markets, the shrewd investor keeps track of a welter of asset classes as well as geographic locales.

Another hallmark of the millennium is the wealth of resources available on the global infobahn. The Web is a boundless source of information on diverse markets round the planet.

The purpose of this survey is to present a roll call of vital resources for the earnest investor bent on sound growth in a global marketplace. The nuggets in the lineup run the gamut from tutorial articles and market reviews to news portals and forecasting hubs.

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