Top Index Funds for Consumer Staples

Performance Review of 
Versus SPY

A performance review of the top index funds for consumer staples paves the way for investing in a sturdy branch of the stock market. For this purpose, a handy vehicle for the earnest investor lies in an exchange traded fund (ETF).

Among the high flyers, FXG bagged the best total return over the past 3 years. Meanwhile RHS triumphed in terms of capital gain over half a decade. PSL placed third in the 5-year race but still outpaced SPY by a hefty margin.

All three dynamos fared better than SPY during the wobble and crash of the bourse in the second half of 2011. From a different angle, RHS advanced at a steady rate compared to its rivals and thus prevailed in terms of risk-adjusted gain over the 5-year stretch.

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