Rewards of Investing in Real Estate through Index Funds, Not Actual Properties

Higher Payoff with Less Effort

Real estate represents the greatest store of wealth for the bulk of the human population. With the exception of owning a home for personal use, however, holding a property for the purpose of investment usually entails a raft of headaches. The nettlers of this kind run the gamut from emergency repairs and maintenance costs to problematic tenants and sporadic vacancies. As a result, the net earnings usually fall a goodly amount below the gross returns reckoned in terms of the monthly rent.

On the upside, though, holding an index fund in the financial forum tends to pose far less headaches than renting out actual dwellings in the real economy. Granted, the experience of any given person could differ from that of another. Even so, many an investor enjoys a higher rate of return through an index fund for real estate than the mass of landlords can eke out by renting out actual properties in the marketplace.

NOTE: The briefing is available under the following title: “Rewards of Investing in Real Estate through Index Funds, Not Actual Properties”. The PDF document may be downloaded from MintKit Library. In addition, a capsule in the form of an infographic poster is available at MintKit Gist.
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