MintKit Growth Index – 2020 Update

 A Benchmark for Spry Growth at Modest Risk

After enduring a crash in late 2018, the stock market scrambled higher over the past year. Despite a few fallbacks along the way, the bourse racked up hefty gains in the end. In particular, the flagship benchmark—namely, the S&P 500 Index (SPX)—rose by 28.9% during 2019.

When the stock market forges ahead, high-growth stocks tend to surpass their plodding peers. In keeping with the norm, the MintKit Growth Index (MGX) climbed by 33.5%.

From a larger stance, the MGX upon its launch was set to unity (1); that is, 100 percentage points. Starting from this baseline, the Index reached 117.6893 points at the end of last year.

Looking downstream, the outlook for 2020 is humdrum compared to the slant over the past year. The main damper lies in the prospect of a recession in the U.S. by 2021. Given the frailty of the economy, the stock market is slated to flail around a lot more than press ahead. In that case, the bourse will at best chalk up a modest return over the year to come.

In this tepid environment, it seems prudent to seek stable growth rather than zippy gains going forward. For this reason, the revised roster for MGX takes a somewhat conservative approach much like the tack taken in 2019. To sum up, the goal for the coming year centers on sturdy growth with ample stability rather than lusty vigor with stellar potential.

NOTE:  The report is a slide presentation under the title of “MintKit Growth Index – Update 2020”. The file is available in PDF form at MintKit Gist.
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