Tesla Stock Forecast for 2022 and Beyond


Restrained Model Augurs Booming Prices


A combo of recent trends and proven records suggests that Tesla will shatter records and shower investors with flush returns. The mainspring lies in the upsurge of revenues which should trump last year’s record by well over 50%. In that case, the profits will balloon as sales further exceed the breakeven point. 

A lean and conservative model of Tesla projects the stock to grow by nearly 95% over the course of 2022. Moreover, the zesty uptrend should on the whole prevail for many years to come.

Remarkably, the boldest forecast from a survey of financial analysts reflects an uprise of the stock by just 31.7% a year hence. In relative terms, the base case from the compact model is three times the highest guesstimate of the pundits.

On the bright side, the pioneering firm has to date turned in a rousing performance in areas ranging from novel products and manufacturing breakthroughs to productivity hikes and revenue gains. On the glum side, though, the firebrand faces a host of hurdles such as jejune technologies and outmoded regulations along with production constraints and supply disruptions. Given the tussle of opposing forces, the actual outcome could end up a lot higher or somewhat lower than the current outlook. 

Despite the hurdles downstream, Tesla is slated to surpass its performance to date by a hefty amount. The records to be broken run the gamut from production volume and cost reduction to net income and stock value. While the future is never certain, some things are more likely than others. 


The full report is titled, “Tesla Stock Forecast for 2022 and Beyond”. The briefing is available as an ebook at Amazon or Smashwords

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