Tesla’s Superpower

Advantage of Radical Innovation 
Over Marginal Progress

The best form of competitive advantage lies in radical innovation at warp speed on all fronts. The sweeping strategy finds its foremost champion in Tesla the pioneer as it blazes new trails in diverse domains ranging from electric cars and solar roofs to software agents and power grids. 

For this purpose, a ground rule prescribes the buildup of products and processes starting from first principles. Another pillar lies in full-spectrum dominance in the marketplace. The wholesome factors explain, for instance, how Tesla earns a plump profit on every car it sells while the old-line vendors suffer dire losses on their electric models. From a larger stance, the pacesetter succeeds in disparate fields where so many have failed before.

NOTE: The full report is titled, “Tesla’s Superpower”. The document is available in PDF mode at ResearchGate

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