Tesla’s Triumph Over Monster Media


Firebrand’s Crusade to
Topple Vested Interests,
Defy Hostile Newsmongers,
and Save the Planet

The stories told by the mass media should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. The iffy claims run the gamut from historical details and current events to ongoing trends and future prospects. In addition to witless goofs, the media at times willfully distort facts and fabricate tales to serve their own ends. A showcase involves a decades-long campaign to hamper Tesla in its mission to foster clean energy. The newsmongers prefer instead to plug their free-spending sponsors, thus protecting the boodle of billions of dollars per year by way of advertising along with “donations” from fossil-fuel carmakers and the like. 

The tirades against Tesla by the media and their patrons have long hindered the maverick in its efforts to build advanced products starting with electric cars. Year after year, the war of words stymied the raise of billions of dollars needed to create and manufacture complex goods for a mass market. Even today, the bashers pound the firm and keep the stock from reaching its fair value. 

On the upside, though, a gutsy corps of investors has buoyed the stock especially since 2020. In fact, a swelling throng of consumers and well-wishers is grasping the hard facts behind the dense calls of Tesla’s doom. The upheaval underway affords a golden opportunity for long-term investors. While no single asset or strategy befits all comers, some choices are better than others. For instance, a groundswell of players is learning to prize Tesla and its stock. The upgrowth reflects the natural progression of large-scale forces and macrolevel trends in green energy along with a sustainable economy. Even so, the outlook pictured here should not be viewed as a recommendation of any kind at the microlevel of the singular investor.

NOTE:  The ebook, titled “Tesla’s Triumph Over Monster Media”, is available from several sources on the Net. An example involves the Kindle edition at Amazon. Another instance concerns the PDF mode at the Internet Archive. A third sample lies in Smashwords; at the time of writing, only the EPUB and PDF versions at the latter site were free of formatting glitches. The Calibre app is a good way to read an EPUB file with a minimum of fuss as well as formatting flaws.

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